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Master Closet (His)

My husband has to wear a suit and tie to work so we made sure to dedicate one side of the closet to his dress shirts and suits.

Master Closet (Hers)

My closet is all about function and clean lines.  The built-in dresser is very convenient, but I actually prefer to see everything.  If you have the space, hang as much as you can, because it is a good way to see what you actually wear so you can donate/sell the things you don’t wear and … Continue reading Master Closet (Hers)


This playroom was designed for a 4 yr old boy and 2 yr old girl to easily grow into.  It is in the middle of the house so a clear walkway is important, which is why I made sure we could easily move around tables and ottomans, and made use of storage along the walls, … Continue reading Playroom


My sister’s walk-in pantry was the perfect size to show off my organizing skills with decorative baskets!  The snack baskets along the bottom are perfect for the tween and teens that live here.