About Me

Hiiii, I’m Lindsay!  Usually followed by, “Lindsay Lane” to distinguish me from the 150,000,000 other people you know with the same name, and typically that is followed by “it’s with an A.”  I am a wife and mom of 2 who was born and raised in Texas.  I moved across the country for college, lived in Western New York, NYC, and Chicago before moving back to Texas.

I have always been very organized and liked helping others with projects so with some encouragement from friends and family I decided to start an organization business.  At 36, I feel I have some valuable life experiences to help others get organized i.e. living in a tiny dorm room to a house and ALLLLL the apartments in between.

Life can get crazy and having your home organized truly does cut down on stress and wasted time searching for something.  I love a challenge and am looking forward to helping people get organized!



Lindsay Lane


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